by Nescient

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Debut release from Australian Death/Thrash band.


released July 24, 2014

Engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Dylan Janssen.

Drums performed by Alex Pitchag, rhythm guitars performed by Jim Pagotto, lead guitars performed by Jim Pagotto and Liam Field, bass performed by Peter Macauley, vocals performed by Liam "Pip" Wood.

Music by Pagotto; arranged by Nescient.
Lyrics for O.C.D.C.O.D., Springwood Slasher and Side-grinder by Wood; Blessed Bastard and Belated Demise by Pagotto.



all rights reserved



Nescient’s sound has always been built on groove being number one; combining death and thrash metal influences with harmony and concepts from other genres like jazz to create an interesting soundscape that both captures and holds the listeners attention. ... more

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Track Name: Blessed Bastard
The slut fast grew restless,
Carnal urges unsatisfied.
Her eyes - wicked and lust-filled, eyed off her would be prize.
Foul whore, wife to a carpenter, seeking the forbidden fruit.
Loins drip, seduction, persuasion; she shall get what she craves!

Naked, she seduces the neighbours son.
The adolescent boy is no match for her coax.
There, he fucks her in Joseph’s bed, while the good man works.
Within the vile bitch, a virgin, he plants his seed.

No longer a virgin, she is impregnated.
A fetus forming sprouts from treachery and sin.

Months on, can no longer hide what’s growing in her womb.
To lie and claim a miracle, blessed “virgin” birth,
Is the only way to avoid death by stones.
The child will now be claimed the Lord and Saviour.

Jesus Christ; born of Mary the “virgin,” a legend born of sin.
Mother Mary; the slut, the adulterer, curse her wretched name,
For it is she, who with her lies, began this atrocity.
A broken commandment created Christianity.

A whole religion based on the lie of one whore,
Still living on, followed by ignorant hordes.

You all pray to a bastard.
You all pray to a bastard!
Track Name: O.C.D.C.O.D.
There is no fucking escape.

Rip open the dragon; sail with the pirate
To begin preparation
To rally the slaughter.
It’s do or die, there's no salvation.
The battle, the carnage, the glory.
Defeat is not an option,
Defeat is not an option.

Through the windows they come,
Through the doors they swarm,
Surrounding your periphery.
Slit their throats; bleed them out before they tear you apart.
Zombies claw at your body,
Hellhounds reap a savage demise.
Brothers baptised in blood.
There is no escape; our mission is to slaughter to survive.
Gruesome death awaits them all.
Rip open the dragon, death to the zombies.
Their lives become a firesale.
Everyone must go.

Loyal to none, everyone must go.
Loyal to none, everyone must go.
Track Name: Springwood Slasher
Born the bastard son of 100 maniacs.
Behind your smile you’re a monster.
Children appetizing your own selfish ways; by your blades they fall.
One by one they’re found, always the same way, mutilated and slashed to ribbons.
No mercy, they call him the
Springwood Slasher.
By your blades they fall.

1, 2, Freddy’s coming for you.
3,4, better shut your door.
5, 6, grab your crucifix.
7, 8, gotta stay up late.
9, 10, never sleep again,
You will never sleep again

In our dreams we will meet our demise,
There’s no escape, let me awake from this nightmare.
Nightmare, just let me awake.
By your blades they fall.

Dozens are missing,
the body count’s rising.
Dozens are missing,
the body count’s rising.
Another day brings another victim.
Another slaughter; left wondering why?
When will the children ever be safe?
Will they be?!
Track Name: Belated Demise
Your desperate eyes believe what they cannot see.
Your deranged mind interprets what is not there.
Your weakness begs my pity.
Your ignorance begets frustration.

With the coming of inevitable evidence,
Demise will come, although belated.
The bright will all be converted,
The pathetic will hold onto faith.
Praying, cannot see their folly.
Your god cannot save you now.
The wise ones now will convert them the only possible way..

Thrown to the beasts, burnt at the stake,
Skinned, gutted; eviscerate!
Your ignorance has sealed your fate;
Dues for your treacheries, paid.

All remaining believers, wiped out by the wise.
A new breed shall spawn, after Christ’s belated demise.

A new world now reigns, unaffected by the folly of superstition.
Quickly they prosper, evolved beyond the burden of religion.

No more wars!
No more killings!
No more Christians or abhorrent Muslims!

Wipe clean the burden, the bane of our species: religion.
Intelligence, now crowned the new lord and savior.

Gone the age of insidious evil.
Dead at last the pseudo-christ.
Welcome in the age of reason,
Thank God!

Until the day of reason comes we must continue
To let the truth be heard.
Your God does not exist.
Your God does not exist.
God does not fucking exist.
Track Name: Side-grinder
Beast of burden.

You think you rule this place; well I've got news for you.
You're just a fucking jester,
You never care about anything but yourself.
Your narcissism will be your downfall.
Your narcissism will be your downfall.

Your life’s obsession is to play the victim.
Consumed by your flaws,
It’s time to wake up.

Before you lose all you hold dear,
Before you lose it all.
No longer will I take your shit.
No longer will I satisfy your urge.
No longer will I be your punching bag.
No longer will I adhere to your greed.

For too long I've taken this abuse while you sit there.
We used to be so close but now we're worlds apart.
In your eyes, everyone’s wrong.
In your eyes, everyone else is wrong.

I'm over these trivial fucking games,
They've cast a shadow over my head for far too long.

Why don't you just fuck off!

Your life is lifeless; your points are pointless.
Your vengeance is now none but your own.
You can take these weights back; I'm done with them.
It’s time to take ownership of your life.

The sooner you realise your mistakes,
The easier it becomes to move forward.
Just build a fucking bridge, bitch, and get the fuck over it.